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Sale – FARO Freestyle 3D X Laser Scanner


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The FARO Scanner Freestyle3D provides a fast and easy to use scanning solution with verifiable accuracy of the 3D colour scan data. Moreover, the handheld 3D scanner maximises your productivity offering fast data acquisition, real-time visualisation and the largest scan volume on the market. With this the scan time in the field is reduced enormously during the point cloud acquisition as well as with the processing of your scan results.


Used like in new condition Faro Freestyle 3D X Handheld Laser Scanner for sale with Surface Pro 4 Tablet

Comes with Faro Scene Software license and everything accessories, Micro SD Card, USB Card Reader, Handle, Calibration Board, Cleaning Kit and Case.

FARO Freestyle 3D X Features:

  • Xtra accuracy: The verifiable accuracy of 1mm enables you to carry out highly challenging scanning projects.
  • Optional on-site calibration: The device can be easily calibrated on-site ensuring high quality data. A PDF report with key data permits maximum and verifiable confidence in the acquired data.
  • Automatic flash: The new auto mode automatically activates and de-activates the built-in LED light depending on the existing light conditions.
  • Real-time point cloud visualization: The real-time point cloud visualization supports the intuitive data acquisition, even for untrained operators.
  • Up to 8m³ scanning volume: The extensive scan volume boosts productivity by reducing scan time.
  • Best point filter: The new best point filter minimizes the noise and allows to get optimum data quality.

Sale – FARO Freestyle 3D X Laser Scanner Spesification

  • Range: 0.5 – 3m
  • Resolution @ 0.5m distance
    • Lateral: 0.2mm – 1mm
    • Depth: 0.2mm
  • 3D point accuracy1 ≤1.0mm
  • Typical lateral accuracy2 ≤1mm
  • Single image point density
    • Up to 45,000 points/m² in 0.5m distance
    • Up to 10,500 points/m² in 1m distance
  • Recorded 3D points3: Up to 88,000 points/s, point cloud density increases with time
  • Typical Noise (rms)
    • 0.7mm @ 0.5m distance
    • 0.75mm @ 1m distance
    • 2.5mm @ 2m distanc
    • 5mm @ 3m distance
  • Best point filter4
  • Noise reduction of typically 40% when scanning the same object from different distances
  • Eye safety: Class 1 laser
  • Lighting conditions: Up to 10,000 Lux
  • Light source: Inbuilt auto LED flash
  • Scan volume: 8.1m³
  • Typical field of view (HxW)
    • 450mm x 530mm @ 0.5m
    • 930mm x 1,100mm @ 1m
    • 1,800mm x 2,000mm @ 2m
    • 2,600mm x 2,900mm @ 3m
  • Typical angular field of view (HxW)
    • 45°x56° @ 0.5m
    • 45°x59° @ 1m
    • 49°x54° @ 2m
    • 49°x52°@ 3m
  • Exposure time 0.02ms – 10ms (autoexposure)
  • Texture color: 24bit
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 310mm x 105mm
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0
  • Weight: 0.98kg
  • Power supply: 5W, USB 3.0-powered
  • IP rating: IP 52*
  • Calibration Optional in-field user calibration with supplied calibration plate.
  • Operating temperature range: 0- – 40°C
  • Operating humidity range: Non-condensing
  • Laser power: max. 800mW
  • Duration of pulse <= 10ms
  • Wavelength 798-821nm


  • Architecture & Interior Design
    • Measurements of complex structures and objects
    • Project supervision
    • Deformation monitoring
    • Quality control
  • Restoration & 3D Modeling
    • Area construction progress monitoring
    • Built environment
    • Free-form components inspection
    • Deformations control
    • Reverse engineering
    • Restoration & Conservation
  • Construction & Facility Management
    • Documentation
    • Planning of structural alterations
    • Re-planning of technical modifications
    • Reconstruction
  • Forensics
    • Crime scenes investigation & analysis
    • Digital proof collection
    • Accessibility
    • Body Mapping
    • Blood spatter analysis
    • Fire Investigation
  • Accident Reconstruction
    • Traffic accident investigation & analysis
    • Passive safety of cars
    • Collision reconstruction
    • Digital proof collection
    • Digital accessibility

Complete information Technical Specification Sheet for the Freestyle3D


The Freestyle3D X with extra accuracy is suitable for all applications in which challenging projects must be quickly scanned from various perspectives. The FARO Scanner Freestyle3D X is especially designed for challenging scanning projects which require highest accuracy. It is suitable for all applications in which demanding projects must be quickly scanned from various perspectives.


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